The Congregation Mayim Shalom is fortunate to have a Jewish cemetery area at Sunset Memorial Park on Millington Frontage Road, Coos Bay, Oregon.  It is the congregation’s aim to provide a burial place for the Jewish community and their families, as well as a lasting memorial of the existence and integrity of the Jewish community.  These objectives have already brought comfort and solace to three families.

The idea for the cemetery was first advocated and persevered with determination, by Marshall Wartnik, who was interred there on August 6th, 2008.  The congregation has purchased 20 plots at Sunset Memorial Park.  This was made possible by the generous donation of Dorothy Wagy, who expired June 12th, 2004.  Both Marshall and Dorothy were original, longtime members of Mayim Shalom.

The congregation now has a permanent bench at the site, along with granite cornerstones marking the area.  It is an everlasting tribute to Jewish existence on the Southern Oregon Coast.

For information, or for the reserve/purchase of a burial site, please call (541) 266-0470, or email